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Root Chakra Bracelet

Root Chakra Bracelet

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This trio bracelet is made of carnelian, red jasper & fire quartz(hematoid quartz)

  • Intentions: Grounding, Security, Prosperity
  • Chakra: Root

Red Jasper is also about spiritual grounding, strength, and stamina. Also known as the Stone of Endurance, its no wonder that this surging energized gem keeps life flowing up and down the spine

Carnelian is a stone that lends its light to healing. It was once famed for helping timid speakers become brave and eloquent, letting their voices ring out across the lands. It’s a stone of leadership and courage.

Fire Quartz is amplifies properties of balance and stability and it's high energy removes negativity and transforms it into positive energy. The Hematite infused into the Quartz balances the mind and brings clarity to emotions.

This Bracelet should be worn on your left hand it's your receiving hand and is the hand that absorbs energy from the outside world.

Astrologers disclaimer even a short interaction with carnelian can cause negative emotions, aggression or even anger in Scorpios.

Bead size: 6mm Bracelet Size: 7 inches & stretchy.

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